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"Truth, Values & Leadership has committed to influencing others
to line up with who God is and what He says, bringing God
back to the center of our nation through high-character leadership."

  • Live & Lead Roundtable 08-20-2011 in Pleasant Hill, IA
    COMMTTING to making an impact with Godly CHARACTER, using His STANDARDS in all RELATIONSHIPS!
    Speakers & Topics:
    Tom Steen, Impact with Character
    Adam Steen, Strengthening Your Relationship Network
    Danny Carroll, Whose Standard Albert Calaway, Are You Willing to go the Mat with Your Commitment?
  • Live & Lead Roundtable 06-18-2011 in Fort Dodge, IA
    Stirring a Resurgence of Christian Character-Based Leadership
    Tom Steen, President of TVL and Roundtable Facilitator "THE TIME IS NOW FOR CHRISTIANS TO ENGAGE & LEAD"
    Dr. J. Albert Calaway, Founder of TVL, 5th Generation Pastor, Family Counselor "ARE YOU WILLING TO GO TO THE MAT WITH YOUR COMMITMENT?"
    Honorable Kim Pearson, Iowa House of Representatives, District #42 "STANDING IN THE STORM ON THE LIFE ISSUE"
  • Dr. J. Albert Calaway, an ordained pastor having over 44 years of ministerial experience, inspires audiences in his Live & Lead Summits to live in obedience to the Voice of God and then to lead by taking a stand for things that honor God.
  • Judge Roy Moore speaking and teaching at First Assembly of God in Indianola on Saturday, February 26, 2011. The man who was fired as the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice for insisting on the absolute importance of the Ten Commandments in government taught on a higher-standard for character in leadership based upon God's design.
The Church, a spiritual institution, must stand for non-negotiable moral truth and it must produce leaders in all areas of society who fear God.

The Business Community plays a role that is ordained by God. Mankind was created in God's image, He is a working God; therefore we have been designed to work!
God has a plan for The Statehouse too. Government is to promote those things that are good and to correct the things that are bad.

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The basic institutions of our culture all suffer from a shortage of those willing to clearly stand
for absolute and uncompromised truths. We are in need of a revival of leadership rooted in character that develops from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country...

Dear Pastors and interested citizens,


In less than 14 months we will be voting on the President of the United States of America. Time is slipping by –– now is the time to go into action.


Are you and your congregation informed of the issues and beliefs of the candidates, the voting process, and what you can and can't do with 'politics in the pulpit'?


Out of 60 million evangelicals in our nation, it only takes approximately 40 million to vote in a president. We can make a difference, but we must prepare the way before November 2012 arrives.


It is difficult for pastors to cover all the bases in the current issues in our world today. We at Truth, Values & Leadership can help. Before I resigned my church in March, God gave me a passion to influence our congregations to be aware of our civic responsibilities and get involved in voting in Christian leaders in our communities, our state, and in our nation.


You can't do it alone. We offer our services to you with an open heart to establish a group of people in your church to "get the ball rolling" and get the job done.


On the CHURCH tab of this website is a .pdf file, 'Letter of Recommendation.' We encourage you to read this for an idea of what a Live&Lead Roundtable could do in your church.


Sincerely yours,

J.Albert Calaway

Founder, Truth, Values & Leadership

The character of those in leadership makes a difference. One manner in which we at Truth, Values & Leadership are reaching the culture is through Live & Lead 'Summits.'

The United States of America, in its founding and purpose, is exceptional…

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